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Stoneham Drilling

Stoneham Drilling Corporation's fleet in the U.S. currently consists of eight technically advanced Efficient Long Reach (“ELR”) drilling rigs including 2 x 1200 HP mechanical triples and 3 x 1500 HP AC triples.

Stoneham has employed the latest technology in designing a safe, efficient and highly versatile fleet of drilling rigs. These drilling rigs can include features such as walking systems, 7500 psi circulating system, AC power, top drive, automated pipe handling, automated catwalk, floor robot, hydraulic substructure leveling, hydraulic BOP handling and Range III tubulars.


Rig Specifications

Rig Type TVD (ft)
Rig 5 Telescopic Double 16,400
Rig 6 Telescopic Double 12,000
Rig 7 Telescopic Triple 16,400
Rig 11 Telescopic Triple 16,400
Rig 15 Range III Single 7,200
Rig 16 Cantilever Triple Pad 18,000
Rig 17 Cantilever Triple Pad 18,000
Rig 18 Cantilever Triple Pad 18,000