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Environmental Protection Plan

Western Energy Services is committed to protecting the environment and to maintaining the highest standards in public health and safety in an effort to protect the quality of the global environment for future generations.

Western Energy Services is further committed to ensuring that all applicable regulatory environmental protection requirements are met or exceeded.  Environmental considerations are integrated with business planning.

The management team will coordinate the development and implementation of all environmental protection programs for Western Energy Services.  Effective programs will be maintained through the HSE Department and will be revised or updated as necessary to minimize negative environmental effects caused by company activities.

The management team will ensure that all employees are informed of the applicable policies and procedures and receive training that emphasizes individual responsibilities for sound environmental management.  All employees are required to adhere to established policies and procedures and will participate in all provided training and meetings.  Employees are encouraged to continue their efforts towards environmental protection by participating in recycling programs at home.  Employee compliance with policies and procedures will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

An Emergency Response Plan has been established by Western Energy Services to minimize consequences caused by emergency events and personnel will be trained on effective response protocols.

Western Energy Services will complete regular reviews to ensure compliance with the environmental protection program.