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Horizon Drilling

Horizon Drilling, a division of Western Energy Services Corp., has been operating since 2004.  Since that time the fleet has grown to where it currently is today with 37 rigs, making Horizon the fourth largest drilling contractor in Canada.  Horizon’s goal is to serve our customers to the best of our ability by continually improving our products through innovation, and strengthening our service offering by attracting the best and most experienced to our team.

Horizon operates one of the newest drilling rig fleets in the WCSB. Seventeen of Horizon’s rigs have been built new since 2011, allowing the integration of some of the newest and most modern technology available. Thirty-six of our rigs have 1,300hp or greater pumps and have an optional upgrade to a 52,000 kPa (7,500psi) circulating system for optimal drilling performance.

Horizon Drilling has an in-house project management team that works closely with operations personnel and fabrication experts to design Horizon's safe, efficient and highly versatile fleet. These drilling rigs can include features such as AC power, top drive, dual fuel, automated pipe handling, automated cat walk, floor robot, hydraulic substructure levelling, hydraulic BOP handling and Range III tubulars.

Horizon’s newest rig is an AC Triple Pad rig with a depth capacity of 6,000 metres (19,600’) and a high-press circulating system rated for 52,000 kPa (7,500 psi).  A truly unique next-generation rig incorporating some of the latest technologies  available. Click on the video here to see an animation of this rig and its moving system capabalities.

For more detailed information on Horizon's operations or detailed specifications on any of the rigs in our fleet, please contact the Horizon Drilling sales team at (780) 980-6022 or email sales@horizondrilling.ca .

Rig Specifications

Rig Type TVD (m) Rig Type TVD (m)
Rig 2 Telescopic Double 4,000 Rig 30 Telescopic Double 4,500
Rig 3 Telescopic Double 4,000 Rig 33 Telescopic Double 3,600
Rig 4 Telescopic Double 4,500 Rig 34 Telescopic Double 3,600
Rig 5 Telescopic Double 4,500 Rig 37 Telescopic Double 4,500
Rig 7 Range III Single 3,200 Rig 38 Telescopic Triple 5,000
Rig 9 Range III Single 3,200 Rig 39 Telescopic Double 3,600
Rig 10 Cantilever Triple 4,500 Rig 40 Telescopic Triple 5,000
Rig 11 Cantilever Triple 4,500 Rig 41 Telescopic Double 4,500
Rig 14 Telescopic Double 4,500 Rig 43 Telescopic Double 4,500
Rig 16 Range III Single 3,200 Rig 44 Telescopic Double 4,000
Rig 17 Range III Single 3,200 Rig 45 Telescopic Double 4,000
Rig 18 Range III Single 3,200 Rig 46 Telescopic Double 5,000
Rig 19 Telescopic Double 4,500 Rig 48 Telescopic Double 5,000
Rig 21 Telescopic Double 4,500 Rig 49 Telescopic Double 4,000
Rig 22 Telescopic Double 4,500 Rig 50 Telescopic Double 4,000
Rig 23 Telescopic Double 4,500 Rig 51 Telescopic Double Pad 4,500
Rig 27 Telescopic Double 3,600 Rig 52 Telescopic Double Pad 4,500
Rig 29 Telescopic Double 3,600 Rig 55 AC Triple Pad 6,000
      Rig 61 Range III Single 2,200